Fifty years in the future. We are no longer alone.
Our Solar system is home to three forms of intelligent life

Humanity, of earth
Dracos, Alien Arrivals from a nearby system
The Robot Dynasty, on the moons of Jupiter

A mysterious cosmic particle capable of triggering
extraordinary transformation is revolutionizing
the galaxy. Designated KSH by scientists, everyone
calls it by it's street name

Kush Kriminals is a true utility-based project, made the way fans of today are passionate about the things they love. It’s an intoxicating blend of sci-fi, crime, action, and comedy, launching as a digital collection, and continuing across multiple entertainment platforms and beyond.


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The strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the scent, the benefits… It all starts with the flower! Cookies® Los Angeles in Maywood, CA is designed with the singular vision to produce world class cannabis and cannabis products.

Cookies® began with two visionary founders: grow expert Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, whose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, our goal has remained the same: authenticity and innovative genetics.


SAM HUMPHRIES is a writer and television host. He has written over 200 comic books, including work in the Harley Quinn, Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises. For DC Entertainment, he co-hosted DC DAILY, an entertainment news show that ran for 450 episodes. For Marvel Entertainment, he wrote the video game MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS, which has accumulated over 215 million downloads globally. His debut prose work, THE YOUNGBLOODS with Gwenda Bond and Kami Garcia, was recently acquired by Audible in a three book deal. His other work includes the critically-acclaimed original comics BLACKBIRD, JONESY, and GOLIATH GIRLS. He lives in Los Angeles with his cat, El Niño.


Our anonymous world class artist has worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of digital art. The result is a collection that will open your mind…and blow it away. Kush Kriminals is among the first collections to feature 3D artwork, full length figures, and high definition renderings. No other project has this level of attention to detail.


MetaLabz is a full-stack development company pushing the boundaries of the emerging Web3 industry by combining exclusive real-world partnerships with innovative technologies such as blockchain, Metaverse Gaming, & Decentralized Finance. Born out of the need for real-world utility in the Web3 space, MetaLabz leverages their expertise and connections to bring previously unseen value to the holders of their projects.



Nik Buich


Tyler Cruz


Jerry Miles


Jimmy Holman


Sam Humphries


The world of the Kush Kriminals is a world where rival gangs and outlaws, made up of humans, aliens, and robots, struggle for domination. A world where even your grandma is one hit away from gaining superpowers. A place where an asteroid belt hides riches beyond every bandit’s dreams. A mindset where money is king, but ambition rules all.

The world may be yours, but the galaxy belongs to the kriminals.
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Steve Lobel has worked with some of the biggest artists in the music business including Russ, Sean Kingston, Mariah Carey, Nipsey Hussle, Fat Joe, Common and many more. Originally a Queens, NY native, Steve moved west to LA in 2001 and soon opened the music & film production company A2Z Entertainment, and in 2019, Steve & legendary producer Scott Storch opened a treatment facility based on Scott's own recovery story, in Studio City, CA.

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, Steve is also a co-owner of multiple Cookies® cannabis dispensaries across the country, including the Original Cookies® in Maywood, Cookies® Woodland Hills, Lemonnade® Van Nuys and more.


Growing up in Queens, Greg Keller was always ambitious, and had his sights set high from early on. At the young age of 23, Greg took a job at Prudential Securities as a junior stockbroker. He applied a strategy of soliciting only hip-hop artists and young athletes. Within his first 3 years he quickly became one of the firm's biggest producers. He eventually left to start his own money management company which was acquired by a larger firm just a few years later.

His next career came in the form of a label executive for his largest client, Wu-Tang Clan, where he served as A&R and Label Manager for two years, but as the culture of the early 2000's evolved, so did Greg’s opportunities, leading to the creation of a marketing company which successfully launched the liquor brand Alizé® cognac, and ultimately starting the trend of hip-hop owned liquor brands.

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Weed Working Studios is a completely unique recording studio located inside a boutique cannabis dispensary and hip-hop museum curated by legendary music manager Steve Lobel. Nowhere else will you be able to experience the world's most premium cannabis products, real hip-hop memorabilia from some of the most legendary artists in the game, & a state of the art recording room under one roof. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality experience possible, something you will never forget. Book today to be part of history.


Johnny Fratto has been producing unscripted content for television for more than 20 years. He got his start producing shows with Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment and has since worked with many networks and streamers such as Amazon Prime, CMT, Vh1, Apple TV+, Roku, Insight Tv, Discovery and others. Johnny continues to produce and package unscripted content and has now entered the Web3 space in hopes of merging the two industries together.

Arcuri Design Shop

A Design Studio that partners with Web3 product teams to execute Branding, User Experience, and Visual Design for a product or service.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is your destination for discovery, expression, and ownership across digital cultures.

After four friends discovered NFTs and its tremendous potential, Magic Eden was born. With backgrounds across crypto, DeFi, consumer internet companies and management consulting, they identified gaps in existing NFT marketplaces and created something new. The Magic Eden Launchpad is an exclusive minting platform that only accepts 3% of applications, & features only the best projects.

destination-0“The MOSAIC TREATY” is a 3-way treaty that allows all species (human, alien, & robot) to coexist peacefully in the solar system. The treaty decrees kush to be illegal, in all its forms.
destination-1“Kush is many things to many people: a vice, a controlled substance, an economic powerhouse, a spiritual sacrament, a lifestyle, a necessary evil, a path to enlightenment, a performance enhancer, a miracle…” - KUSH KAT, INFO DROP 5.2422.zz
destination-2Home of Humanity & EarthGov. Humans are both under threat and stronger than ever – alien and robot life forms have diminished humanity's status, but reignited its ambitious, enterprising spirit EarthGov is the unity federation of Earth-based nations. Habitable zones on Earth are decreasing, resulting in an aggressive push for space colonies. The KUTI SPACEPORT in Kenya is the main transit center to Mars, and the main route for kush smugglers.
destination-3Location of the Tower Cities, Reality Corp. HQ, & Hub of the Kush Game. Mars is a “Casablanca” colony where all species mix freely, and is also where The Kush Game is centered. This is where all the action goes down! The Tower Cities were originally built by EarthGov. Each tower has an average population the size of Manhattan, with the biggest being 200 stories high, & 10 city blocks wide. The cities are connected by blimps and tunnels, & sealed against the harsh atmosphere and radiation. Mars is also the headquarters for Reality Corp., a human-founded omni-corporation led by a mysterious messiah figure, who may be entirely virtual. Reality Corp. was awarded a 10-year contract to run the Mars colony by EarthGov (and a secret contract for exclusive mining rights to KSH). The only law enforcement on Mars are SHOOK TROOPS, Reality Corp's privatized security service.
destination-4Home of the “THE KUSH FIELDS,” the only known source of KSH in the system. KSH is a particle that was created at the birth of our solar system, 4.6 billion years ago. The Asteroid Belt between Mars & Jupiter is the only known place to find KSH, and harvesting it is extremely dangerous. Mystical scientists known as Alkemists refine KSH into kush, and each strain produces a different transformation or evolution. Some strains are more rare & valuable than others, with new strains appearing all the time. Kush can be used with a variety of different futuristic devices.
Jupiter’s Moons - Base of the Robot Machine Dynasty Descendants of machines built by humans to explore space, the first AI became sentient when it discovered kush. Based inside a network of servers on the moons of Jupiter, but using robot bodies to interact with the physical galaxy, they call their species THE MACHINE DYNASTY. KRANK CITY, on the moon of Ganymede, is their physical outpost.
destination-6“In one hour on the chaotic streets of Mars, you can share noodles with humans, Dracos, and robots, before witnessing them stab each other in the back. You can see the newly rich flaunt their wealth while the newly fallen struggle to get by. You can get caught in laser fire, or be struck by the beauty of neon plumes of atmosphere. Legends are born and killed every thirty seconds. Vert car chases, and crashes, are a daily occurrence. Stay frosty.” - KUSH KAT, INFO DROP 2.1007.B
destination-7Under the MOSAIC TREATY, all species are prevented from colonizing the system any further, but all species are still allowed to travel and live freely on Mars. The Mosaic Treaty is controversial, and fragile. Even a tiny ripple in the kush game could end up destroying peace in the galaxy.
destination-8“Within each species there are big gangs and small gangs, kriminal heroes and evildoers, saintly kriminals and maniac kriminals, kriminal legends and upstarts, kriminals too stupid to live and kriminals too smart for their own good…” - KUSH KAT, INFO DROP 3.1677.D
destination-9Home of the Draco aliens and their dominant kriminal gang: The Indica Syndicate. Pluto is the Draco’s sole local colony…so far. And home to the Trans-System Wormhole Portal. They arrived in our system 15 years ago.
destination-10(50 Million Light Years Away) Home system of the Dracos. Travel between our system and their home planet is conducted via a wormhole that only their species is allowed to use.

*Available Exclusively at select Cookies® & Lemonnade® Dispensary Locations.

Eye-opening & engaging, the sativa high is one for the mind – creating a potent sensation that encourages users to think about the world in a different way.
Why not have it all? We’ve developed unique hybrid chemovars that bring the best of both worlds: soothing physical sensations alongside rich mental journeys that offer something new every time.
Known for the smooth relaxation, our indicas are perfect for those seeking a calm night in, pain relief, and the characteristic “body high” that comes with a good smoke session.
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